Lebombo Group
 Lebombo Group

 Dramatic outpourings of lava spread across much of Gondwana about 180 million years ago heralding the start of Gondwana breakup. Remnants of these once extensive lavas now form the Lesotho highlands and Lebombo mountains.


Breakup of Gondwana

In the Lebombo mountain the eruption of basalt was followed by another phase of volcanic activity involving the explosive eruption of rhyolites and huge quantities of volcanic ash. About  4800 m of volcanic material accumulated during this second phase of activity which now froms the Lebombo mountains. These volcanic events were followed by uplift and faulting that eventually separated Africa and Antarctica.

 Lebombo group
 Lebombo Mountains

 Lebombo Mountain south of Jozini

 Lebombo Mountain and Mkuzi falls, south of Jozini

 Lebombo Ryolite 

Lebombo group rhyolite

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