Natal Metamorphic province
 Natal Metamorphic Province

Approximately 1000 million years ago, subduction and collision along the southern margin of the Kaapvaal Craton produced the rocks of the Natal Metamorphic Province. The rocks were heated and deformed into a mountain range many thousands of kilometres long. Once plate collision with the Kaapvaal Craton had ceased, a long period of erosion exposed the deep mountain roots of granite and gneiss.


 Subduction animation

 Cross section North South

Geological cross section of KwaZulu-Natal (North-South)


Some of these rocks are spectacularly folded and can be seen in the Tugela Valley, Valley of a Thousand Hills and along the south coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The granite is quarried for dimension stone at a number of localities. 

 Mhlatuze Valley, south of the Tugela Fault
Old baldy granite

Mhlatuze Valley, south of the Tugela Fault

Old Baldy (granite), Valley of the Thousand Hills

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