About Us

The UKZN Physics Research Camp is a joint venture between the UKZN physics department, the Friedrich Alexander University, in Erlangen Germany, and the Science and Technology Education Centre (STEC@UKZN).

Is physics one of your favourite subjects? Do you enjoy researching and tinkering?

If you would like to do experiments from physics lessons yourself, even have ideas for new experiments or have a specific youth research project that you would like to work on, then the UKZN Physics Research Camp (UKZN-PRC) might be just the thing for you. Here you can implement your very own ideas and experiments and receive support from members of the university. Whether your passion is research, tinkering, programming, electronics, or even quantum physics: your ideas are in demand!

Own Ideas

We called the largest area 'Own Ideas'. There you can implement your idea, your experiment or your Eskom expo research project. You will get a little help from nice tutors, who can support you with the one or other question. You will have access to a lot of experimental material from the physics lab and the science centre. Physics students are actually experimenting and researching there. You can give us a list beforehand on what you will need. We will then see what we can do! You can take part from the age of 15!

Will I even be accepted?

I think we can calm you down here. The chances of being able to take part are actually quite high. It is important to us that you are motivated and work purposefully on your project and with others. You show this in your application. Of course, it's best if you bring an idea that you roughly describe to us. This way we too can prepare well for it.

what exactly is the UKZN Physics Research Camp?

UKZN-PRC is an event in collaboration with the Friedrich Alexander University (FAU), Erlangen, Germany, that wants to offer you the opportunity to do your very own research and experiments We would provide you with resources and equipment from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. In addition to material resources, the focus is primarily on the expertise of experienced students (some of them from the FAU), as well as the support of scientists at the university. UKZN-PRC takes place in the June school holidays.

Don’t have own ideas

Get an inspiration from the International Young Physicists’ Tournament (IYPT) website (https://www.iypt.org/problems/). There you will find a lot of interesting research ideas. You can for example investigate the irreversible cartesian diver phenomena, or maybe you want to find a method to determine the number of objects in a box solely by the sound produced while shaking the box.

Who can take part and what should you bring with you?

Who can take part and what should you bring with you? In principle, all students aged 15 and over are allowed to take part . You should have an idea in advance on what kind of physics project you want to do– Own Ideas and IYPT. But there is also the opportunity to apply and then see on site what can be implemented - alone or with other participants.

What do you do in the research camp?

What you do at the camp depends largely on you. What how? Yes, you read that right, when you apply you can say what kind of experiment/ research you would like to do..

What does the daily routine look like in the UKZN-PRC?

The daily routine is intentionally kept very free and open. After meeting in the science centre at 8.15 am, we go to the university at around 8.30 am. From now on, you can work on your project and exchange ideas with other pupils, students and scientists. At midday we go to the science centre for lunch. Your research day ends at around 16.30 p.m.

How much does the UKZN-PRC cost?

The UKZN-PRC is free for you as a learner. This includes meals, and experimental materials. However, you or your parents are responsible for your own travel to the UKZN Westville Campus each day.

DURATION : 18 June 2024 - 21 June 2024  | 08:30 - 16:30 | UKZN Westville Campus (WST)