Science and Technology Education Centre

Talks & Trips

We offer a variety of different career talks and scientific talks mainly aimed at learners. We also offer trips to see a glacial pavement or a scanning electron microscope. Can’t find what you are looking for? Talk to us. We can arrange talks by one of UKZN’s qualified scientists. How about a talk on quantum physics or astronomy?


Career talk

The talk highlights various disciplines (subjects that one can study) in the 5 schools within the College and explains the different entrance requirement for those subjects.

Grade: 9-12    Duration: 60 minutes

UKZN career talkThe talk highlights the study options at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and explains the the different entrance requirements of selected subjects.

Grade: 9-12    Duration: 60 minutes

Renewable Energy talk

In this talk we explain the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy, what kind of different energy sources for electricity exist. We also look into how electricity is generated from these resources and the pros and cons of these resources.

Grade: 7-12    Duration: 60 minutes

KZN geology talk

We unravel the 3500 million years of geological history, the change of environment from ice cold to hot and the dramatic volcanic events that happened here in KZN.

Grade: 8-12    Duration: 60 minutes

 We will look into how we as humans perceive colour and the different categories of interactions leading to colour in a mineral.

Age: 16+    Duration: 60 minutes

Diamond talk

Do you want to know how diamonds form, where and how to find them? Do you want to learn more about the history of diamonds in South African and about the different mining aspects? Then this talk is for you!

Age: 16+    Duration: 60 minutes

Supervolcanoes talk

In this talk we explore what supervolcanoes are, where they occur and if we still have supervolcanoes today.

Age: 14+    Duration: 60 minutes

History Earth talk

 In this talk we will explore the different time concepts, look at the techniques to find out the ages of rocks and highlight what history has to do with the different ages of the Earth.

Age: 14+    Duration: 60 minutes

Disaster talk

In this interactive talk we will explore three different geological disaster: earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis. We will demonstrate  what causes them and what impact they have. We also perform experiments to assist learners with a better understanding .

Grade: 3+    Duration: 60 minutes



See geology in action and visit the  glacial pavement on the Westville campus. The pavement shows multiple, straight, and parallel lines, so called striations, that  indicates the movement of a glacier. The grooves were caused by rock fragments and sand grains, embedded in the base of the glacier that acted as cutting tools. This process happened around 300 million years ago.

Duration: 30 minutes

MMU SEMThe Microscopy and Microanalysis Unit (MMU) is a service facility at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. We can arrange a visit to tour the facility to see a Scanning Electron Microscope or a Transmission Electron Microscope in action.

Duration: 30-60 minutes